At Partake we are all about bringing people together to enjoy social activities. What better way to facilitate this than by throwing a little competition into the mix. It’s easy. It’s fun.

Points you earn will be prominently displayed on your profile for everyone to see and will give you bragging rights. Plus, we have awesome giveaways for users who earn high points 🙂 

  • Create your first activity = 12 points
  • Share your activity on Facebook or Twitter = 5 points
  • Subsequent activities you create = 4 points
  • Number of votes that your activity receives = 1 point per vote
  • Receive an activity request = 1 point
  • Accept an activity request = 2 points
  • Confirm an activity request = 2 points

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Terms and Conditions: This offer is only good for a limited time. We reserve the right to cancel this offer or change any of the terms or conditions at any time and without notice. Rewards cannot be substituted or transferred. Users who engage in actions to cheat the system or to bypass in-app restrictions will be ineligible for this offer. Limit of 3 activities created per user and one share per activity.